White Cement

White Portland Cement is of high quality, whiteness and strength, it essentially has the same properties and characteristics as gray cement, except for color.

It is widely used in numerous applications such as precast concrete, cast-in-place concrete, terrazzo, median barriers, curbs, tile grout, paint, masonry units, swimming pools, glass fibre reinforced surface bonding mortars.

White Cement advantages:

  • Solar Reflectance Index (SRI): Floors finished with white or pastel color concrete will have a much higher SRI than floors with gray concrete, therefore they will reflect light better, and generate energy savings for the lifetime of the floors.
  • Reduction of Heat Island effect: By constructing buildings with white concrete roofs or light colored roof tiles, the Heat Island Effect is reduced from surfaces generating less heat and improved reflectivity.
Architectural Concrete:

White Portland Cement is ideal for decorative concrete and Architectural Concrete applications, Masonry and Cementitious Building Products. A key advantage of using white cement for these applications is that it provides a base color which can be tinted to custom colors to meet any color spectrum demand.

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